Raising a family in

Spartanburg has

its perks.

Hello Family is a collaborative initiative that seeks to improve outcomes for young children and their families by providing services and resources for all children in Spartanburg, South Carolina. With a focus on prenatal care through age five, Hello Family is building on a child's early years when brain development is critical. 

Reduce avoidable emergency room visits.
Reduce avoidable emergency room visits.
Increase school readiness.
Increase school readiness.
Reduce the incidences of child abuse and neglect.
Reduce the incidences of child abuse and neglect.
Improve birth and early childhood outcomes.
Improve birth and early childhood outcomes.

Investing in Spartanburg's youngest residents.

Several years ago, local partners envisioned a Spartanburg where every child arrived at school healthy, thriving, and ready to learn. Years later, and with support from dozens of partners, that vision became a reality through Hello Family.

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Conversations began with community leaders from the City of Spartanburg, Mary Black Foundation, and Institute for Child Success, around kindergarten readiness. Data showed children were not arriving at school prepared to learn.

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Utilizing outcomes financing, community partners secured funding to launch a suite of services to support birth outcomes, early childhood development, and kindergarten readiness.

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Hello Family officially launched, providing funding to four local organizations providing services to families in the City of Spartanburg. Additionally, a hotline was created to connect families to these services and other supports.

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Hello Family, now a strategic initiative under Spartanburg Academic Movement, began expanding county-wide as part of the community's Movement 2030 plan.

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