The Basics at Mealtime

August 11, 2023
The Basics at Mealtime

Meals offer a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child, not just in terms of nourishing their bodies but also nurturing their minds. By incorporating The Basics principles into your dinner routine, you can foster a strong foundation for your child's development. Here are five tips for incorporating The Basics at mealtime:

1. Maximize Love and Manage Stress

Create a relaxed and positive atmosphere during dinner. Begin by taking a few deep breaths before sitting down. Share stories, ask about your child's day, and show genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings. By making dinner a stress-free, loving environment, you help your child feel secure and valued.

2. Talk, Sing, and Point

Mealtime is a perfect opportunity to engage in conversation. Encourage your child to talk about their day or interests. If you have a younger child, talk to them about your day and describe what you’re both eating. Point out objects, colors, and shapes in their surroundings, stimulating their cognitive growth.

3. Count, Group, and Compare

Use dinner time to explore basic math concepts. Count the number of utensils, plates, or food items on the table together. Group similar foods, like vegetables or fruits, and ask your child to compare them by size, color, or taste. These activities lay the foundation for mathematical thinking, plus it’s fun!

4. Explore Through Movement and Play

Incorporate movement and playfulness into dinner time. Encourage your child to try different utensils or use their fingers to explore the textures of different foods. Allow them to play with their food within reasonable boundaries, stimulating their sensory development and creativity.

5. Read and Discuss Stories

Keep a selection of age-appropriate books in the kitchen for your child to look at while you cook, or at the dinner table to enjoy when they’re finished eating. Talk to them about the book and what they’re looking at. Letting them interact with the books will teach them how to hold the book and turn pages. This practice not only enhances language skills but also nurtures a love for reading.

Remember that consistency and practice will make all these things feel more natural for you and your child. Over time, these practices will become a natural part of your routine and contribute significantly to your child's brain development. So, savor these mealtime moments as you nurture your child's physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

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